December 6, 2022
Star Wars In the Murk, a Golden-Yellow Lightsaber Shines

Annlyel looks ahead to a future Star Wars trilogy featuring Rey as a fully established Jedi Master

Rey: she has been the embodiment of a hero. Faced with great challenges, determined to never lose faith in the man she cared for (or, let’s face it, loved) and looked upon as the only hope of the Resistance, Rey’s story has been one of self-reliance, determination, and inspiring growth.

Rey Star Wars The Force Awakens

The Rise of Skywalker left its mark on this franchise, whether for bad or worse (just kidding, for good or bad.) There weren’t any huge surprises or downright unforeseeable outcomes but what this film did leave us, beyond the murky fog that left many fans (like myself) numb with dumbfounded confusion, is a sense of hope.

I always say hope is the underlying current of Star Wars. Not the lightsabers, not the Force, not the Jedi or the Sith, it is, instead, hope that binds the franchise together. Hope is why Rogue One, a film that featured the Force in itsy-bitsy quantities and only a small presence from Vader, the only legitimate Force-wielder, was able to shine. Hope is why Star Wars: Rebels is, in my opinion, the greatest story told in the entire franchise.


And The Rise of Skywalker, whether we agree with it or not, embodies that message of hope. Not hope fulfilled…because the film wasn’t conclusive enough for that, but a hope that transcends beyond the movie screen before us.

As Rey (pointlessly) ignites her new lightsaber which blazes golden underneath the blue Tatooine sky, hope is also ignited. The hope that Disney will one day continue this story. The hope that Disney will finally give us the trilogy we deserve with Rey once again at the helm, now as a full-blown Jedi Master who has an outstanding knowledge of the Force. The hope that this ending was only our first step into a larger world.

Ry in the Millennium Falcon Star Wars The Force Awakens

And that hope is what is keeping me invested in Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars, for without it, I would truly be an empty husk after the disappointing conclusion of The Rise of Skywalker.


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