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The greatest Star Wars authors will unite to create a cohesive story in the hotly anticipated Project Luminous

According to a recent tweet from ABC correspondent Clayton Sandell, the details surrounding Project Luminous could be coming on February 24th!

The project, which will span the comics, books and possibly even video games and movies, will seek to tell a cohesive Star Wars story. Authors assigned to the project currently are Charles Soule, Cavan Scott, Claudia Gray, Daniel Jose Older, and Justina Ireland. The rumors are that Project Luminous will function in a similar manner that the MCU does, telling multiple stories that tie together. Other rumors mentioned state that these stories will take place approximately 400 years before the prequel trilogy.

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Hopefully, all will be revealed on February 24. Come back here for more Project Luminous news!


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Source: Clayton Sandell


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