Star Wars | 'Alphabet Squadron: Shadow Fall' Cover Revealed

Get your first look at the sensational new cover for Alexander Freed‘s hotly-anticipated sequel

The team at io9 has revealed an exclusive first excerpt and the cover for the hotly-anticipated Star Wars Del Rey novel, ‘Alphabet Squadron: Shadow Fall’, the second book in Alexander Freed‘s Alphabet Squadron trilogy. The trilogy tells the story of the titular ragtag squadron of pilots brought together by New Republic Intelligence who, operating under General Hera Syndulla, go after the Imperial Navy’s 204th fighter wing: Shadow Wing, pilot Yrica Quell’s former unit.

Check out the cover art highlighting music-loving bomber pilot Chass na Chadic below:

Star Wars 'Alphabet Squadron: Shadow Fall' Cover Revealed

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Shadow Fall will indeed catch us up on what General Syndulla and her unruly pilots in Alphabet Squadron are up to in their quest to stamp out the Imperial Remnant. But as the title implies, we’ll also be diving even deeper into the machinations of what Shadow Wing themselves are like. Now lead by Major Soran Keize—Yrica’s former mentor when she was part of the 204th—we’ll not just see their plans to go after the New Republic’s fledgeling starfighter forces, but how what’s left of one of the Empire’s most elite fighter divisions is coping in a galaxy where their Empire has exploded right before their eyes.

Be sure to head over to io9 and read the exclusive excerpt here.

Star Wars: Shadow Fall—An Alphabet Squadron Novel hits bookshelves on June 23rd, 2020.


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