December 10, 2022
Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 7 - Disney Plus

Annlyel looks ahead to the long-awaited return of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Disney plus

The Clone Wars Season 7 is almost upon us and I am beyond thrilled. But, if I’m being honest, before that final trailer arrived, I wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic.

When I last binge-watched all six seasons of the critically-acclaimed animated series I enjoyed it thoroughly…and then didn’t return to rewatching any episodes. When they announced there would be the seventh season, hence a long-awaited conclusion to the story, I was excited but I had also forgotten many of the story’s main plot points. Plot points that I have been recently refreshed upon thanks to Disney+ listing 20 essential episodes to watch before The Clone Wars premiere.


Now that I’m caught up with what’s going on I can focus on the season at hand and boy am I ready for it all. But there’s a single reason why this season feels so promising. It’s also the reason that so many other Star Wars fans are eagerly awaiting the drama that is sure to unfold in abundance.

And that is the realization that The Clone Wars will take place during events in Revenge of the Sith. Growing up, I always figured The Clone Wars would go as far as leading to the events of Revenge of the Sith when Palpatine got captured by General Grievous. Oh-ho…the writers behind this season had something else up their sleeves and now my imagination is running wild.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Captain Rex

The season will consist of twelve episodes. Could we potentially see the fallout of Execute Order 66? Will we get to see the terror of what happened from Senator Amidala’s point of view? How will Ahsoka learn of Order 66? And what will happen to Captain Rex, a clone trooper who, in his later life, renounced the empire with a few other clones, Wolffe and Gregor, and went to live the rest of his days on an arid planet, Seelos?

Star Wars: The Clone Wars | My Top Ten Character Moments

My mind is roiling with questions that I’m hoping will be answered in the season but even if they’re not, I’m still prepared for this ride.


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