December 11, 2023
Star Wars: The Galaxy Needs You Book Review

Melissa learns what makes us all special in this kid’s lead up to The Rise of Skywalker

Rey is front and center in the latest Star Wars picture book to be released. Showcasing Rey’s deeds, training, and bravery throughout the sequel trilogy, this lovely book shows young readers that everyone is important. While there is no narrative in this picture book, it emphasizes that everyone is unique in their own way.

Star Wars: The Galaxy Needs You | Written by Caitlin Kennedy, Illustrated by Eda Kaban

This book sends a powerful message that you matter, no matter what someone else might try to tell you. It’s strong “be yourself” message is something all little Younglings and Padawans need to hear. The ones that love you will love you for YOU.


Caitlin Kennedy has contributed to ABC-3PO, Obi-123, Search Your Feelings, and All Creatures Big and Small with Calliope Glass and artist Katie Cook. She is also the author of C-3PO Does NOT Like Sand! and R2-D2 is LOST! with artist Brian Kesinger (whose Steampunk art I adore).

Eda Kaban is a children’s book illustrator from Turkey. Her other books include Old McDonald Had a Truck, Even Superheroes Have Bad Days, and We Are Brothers, We Are Friends. I really enjoyed her art and thought she captured the characters in an adorable way, as well as capturing the action scenes well. The art isn’t too bold or overpowering. It’s simple and clean and perfect for a picture book.


Overall, I think this book is something all of us need: positive reinforcement that we matter. It’s a great read-aloud for families, or for readers just starting to read independently. An older sibling should have no trouble reading this to a younger brother or sister.


Star Wars: The Galaxy Needs You by Caitlin Kennedy and Eda Kaban is published by Disney-Lucasfilm Press and is available to buy NOW!



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