February 2, 2023
Toy Fair 2020 | Black Series Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary Figures Revealed!

Hasbro celebrates the 40th anniversary of Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back with new and updated figures!

This year is The Empire Strikes Back‘s 40th anniversary and this is a big part of Hasbro’s focus for the first part of the year. They will be releasing 2 waves of vintage card backs Black Series figures like they did for A New Hope‘s 40th anniversary. This time the digital face print tech is available so they are updating some figures but there are also straight repacks and new figures. The single carded figures will go for $19.99 in the US and £18.99 in the UK.

The first wave includes an updated Luke Skywalker (Bespin) and repacks of Yoda, Han Solo, Princess Leia (Hoth), and the AT-AT Driver. This wave will release in March/April is already available for pre-order.

The second wave includes an updated Lando Calrissian, a new Luke Skywalker Snowspeeder Pilot, a new Hoth Rebel Trooper (it comes with two different head sculpts for army building), a new Dagobah R2-D2 and a repack of the Tie Pilot. These figures will be released in July/August.

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Single carded figures aren’t the only thing Hasbro is releasing for the celebration. They will be releasing another deluxe figure – the Imperial Probe Droid. This one will go for sale at $29.99 in the US and £27.95 in the UK. It will be released in March/April.

And finally, the real surprise was the reveal of a brand new vehicle in the Black Series line – the SNOWSPEEDER with Dak Ralter! Obviously, this isn’t going to be cheap, it goes for $120 in the US and £92.95 in the UK but it is a huge improvement over the First Order Tie Fighter which went up at $200. This new vehicle is highly detailed and will be released in June/July!

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All these figures are already open for pre-orders and will release from March to August.


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