February 5, 2023
Stealth Suit Spider-Man (Spider-Man Far From Home) Medicom MAFEX

The Stealth Suit from Spider-Man Far From Home is coming to the Mafex range.

First revealed during an event in Japan, we are delighted to bring you word that Medicom Toys has now released official promotional shots for the Spider-Man Stealth Suit. Following the success of Spider-Man Far From Home, MAFEX has re-released the classic suit, and will be releasing the updated suit in July and now they’re also adding this suit to their schedule – November 2020. MAFEX is now turning their eyes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, going full steam with a lot more reveals from this beloved franchise!

Stealth Suit Spider-Man (Spider-Man Far From Home) Medicom MAFEX

The Stealth Suit includes plenty of accessories including a Peter Parker headsculpt with the Tony Stark glasses! Once again, Medicom Toy appears to have outdone themselves with their new headsculpt!


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Pre-orders are now open for this figure on Japanese sites for 7,800 JPY, it will be released in November 2020.


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