December 5, 2022
S.H Figuarts Spider-Man Stealth Suit - Spider-Man Far From Home Tamashii Nations

Thomas swings into action and reviews Tamashii Nations‘ cool-new Stealth Suit Spider-Man from Far From Home

The latest release from Tamashii Nations’ Marvel Cinematic Universe S.H. Figuarts line is Spider-Man in his Stealth Suit from the box office hit Spider-Man Far From Home.


Unlike recent Bandai Premium MCU releases, this one doesn’t have an open window in the box to see the figure, it has the same type of packaging as the Bandai Premium Star Wars releases. This figure comes with ten interchangeable hands, two interchangeable heads with three different sets of eyes, three spider web effects, one back piece to attach on a stand for aerial action poses.


Unfortunately, this figure doesn’t come with an unmasked head, however, it has a masked head without spider goggles. The eyes have been painted with the digital print tech. It definitely seems the same eyes from the upcoming Peter Parker headsculpt from the Iron Spider that will be released later this year! However, if you have a custom head from Manipple Studios, I can confirm it fits with this figure.

The system of interchangeable eyes is still the same system as other S.H. Figuarts figures so it’s still painful and annoying, so I just stayed with the eyes that were already on the first head.


The outfit is pretty much screen accurate and is highly detailed as you can expect from S.H. Figuarts. This figure has 27 points of articulation so you can get any great action poses you can for the character.

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Final Thoughts

It’s a great figure but knowing the MAFEX version is coming with an unmasked head and Tony Stark glasses, the SHF version seems a bit useless.


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