November 26, 2022

Thomas swings into action to review the updated Spider-Man 1.5 figure from Medicom’s MAFEX line

Coincidentally, Medicom Toy’s latest reveal is like S.H. Figuarts – a Spider-Man figure! MAFEX opted for an upgrade of its Spider-Man Homecoming figure – the 1.5 version!


This figure comes with plenty of accessories, here’s the list: 12 interchangeable hands, 2 magnetic interchangeable hands, 2 magnetic interchangeable feet, 3 interchangeable heads, 1 unmasked head and neck, one Spider-Man mask, 7 spider web effects, and one basic stand.  MAFEX clearly never disappoints with accessories, you clearly have everything you need there, except the bag Peter Parker often has during the movie, but I can’t complain too much about everything there is!


Unlike S.H. Figuarts, MAFEX offers different heads for the different spider eyes expressions which is a better system but obviously more expensive. Among the three heads, the instant kill head is completely new and much welcome addition. Unfortunately, MAFEX is also back with quality issues (same problem than with the Iron Spider figure), one of the heads has a paint app issue. For the price we pay this shouldn’t happen especially on the heads. I see a trend coming back with MAFEX, let’s just hope it won’t last!


The Peter Parker headsculpt is actually pretty good, they upgraded the old one with a better skin tone and the digital face print tech. I really like it. However, there is also a problem with it – the joint for the neck is too long so the neck feels too long on the head, you can see it on the pictures (and promotional pictures of the product), it looks bad, it feels like Peter is a giraffe.


No worries though, it can easily be fixed, you have to detach the head from the neck and remove the joint inside, then you put the head back on and it actually looks great! It takes just a few seconds to do this and it’s a big improvement! If you have a Manipple Studios custom head, it also fits.

Mafex Spider-Man 1.5 Medicom Toy (Spider-Man Homecoming) Review 21

As for the suit, it’s screen accurate and beautifully detailed. The colors are vibrant. This figure has 28 points of articulation so you can get him in any action pose you want, it doesn’t have loose joint problems like the first version!

The magnet feature is pretty cool, it’s for fun! So, just don’t leave your Spider-Man without surveillance on the fridge because it could fall.

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Final Thoughts

A greatly improved figure but with some issues, that could have been easily avoided. MAFEX still has some work to do with its quality control.

You can buy the Peter Parker custom Manipple head featured in this article via


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