December 9, 2022
Marvel We Are Superheroes Book Review

Carl dips into the Marvel literary universe to review the charming ‘We Are Superheroes’ book from DK Books

Marvel: We Are Superheroes is a children’s book, designed to inspire and enthrall young readers with brief but informative details about how they can achieve anything if they put their mind to it and how to be a superhero in their lives by learning how to adapt, show respect, be mindful of feelings and so on. It is a cute little book that will please young readers. Written by Emma Grange, it is aimed at both boys and girls and is easy for them to understand and enjoy.

Marvel: We Are Superheroes | By Emma Grange

Marvel: We Are Superheroes Book Review

Both the front and back covers of the book have wonderfully illustrated drawings of some of the characters the reader will meet inside. Some of these are identifiable straight away but others will leave most children and adults scratching their heads as a fair few of these comic characters are little seen or little known to the prospective reader. But fear not as inside the pages, we will find out all about these not so obvious characters and their traits.

The first character we meet is Ms. Marvel. Across two pages, the reader discovers her biography. 16 Years old and given elastic powers thanks to a strange mist, the character reveals she took on her superhero name in honor of her favorite hero, Captain Marvel. She lists what makes her tick alongside revealing her hobbies. All this is designed to inspire young girls and to make them consider taking up a hobby like the character, a move that is pleasing as not only does it introduce the character to them but also gives them the chance to think about what they could be doing in their free time.

Marvel: We Are Superheroes - Ms Marvel

We now greet Black Panther. Once again, he introduces himself to the reader with a brief biography and again, lists his hobbies and what makes him the person he is, the qualities he employs in his everyday life. We move on and meet Squirrel Girl. Once more, she introduces herself and gives the young reader the rundown on her everyday life as a hero and her hobbies. Next up we say hello to Spider-Man who swings by to meet us. This version of the classic character is the Miles Morales version of the hero. He informs the reader that he is one of many people who have taken up the Spider-Man mantra and again, lists the qualities he has and his hobbies when he is not in the suit.


The remainder of the book reveals Captain Marvel, Brawn, Jubilee, America Chavez, Professor X, Captain America, Moon Girl, Hawkeye, Ironheart and Doctor Strange. All are here with their biographies and their hobbies to entice the young reader into adopting their beliefs and qualities to make them a better person, to be tolerant of others, to embrace the differences that exist between all of us and to inspire them to be better than they are as they enter the formative years. And the book does it quite well. It doesn’t come across as preachy or anything like that, it is just a gentle nudge into becoming a better person, to be nicer to people and to want to be a good person.

Marvel We Are Superheroes - Squirrel Girl

The illustrations are a welcome addition to the brief but telling biographies. Chances are that the children are already aware of some of the superheroes they will find inside the book. But some are new to them and will enlighten the reader somewhat and give them a basic introduction to characters that they haven’t seen on TV or in the movies as of yet. The drawings are colorful and give the reader a sense of fun alongside what these characters represent and stand for. It is really a fun book for children to embrace and to read and you can’t go wrong by allowing them to sit back and read about some of the Marvel universe and the qualities they possess. And who knows? Maybe by sitting with the children as they discover the enjoyment inside the pages of the book, it may inspire the adults to change some of their ways and outlooks on life and to become better people because of it. Perhaps they and their children can become real-life superheroes.

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Marvel: We Are Superheroes by Emma Grange is published by DK Children and is available to buy NOW!


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Editors Note: A big thank you to our friends at DK Books for sending over our advance review copy.



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