October 5, 2022
Is Star Wars Dead? ... Not By a Long Shot

Megan explores the ever-changing longevity of the galaxy far, far away…

Is the Star Wars franchise dead?… Not by a long shot!

At least, if the fan fervor over the news about Project Luminous is to be believed. Even before the release of Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, there was speculation that the franchise was on its way out. Surely, over the course of over 40 years, it would outlive its novelty in many forms of media (books, comics, movies, and shows). Not by a long shot. Enter The Mandalorian on Disney+ and Project Luminous in print.


Sadly, there are still people in the UK and other parts around the world without access to this incredible streaming service. Why is currently unknown. What is known, however, is that as soon as it premiered and the world got its first look at “Baby Yoda” (so named due to his resemblance to the late Jedi Master) more formerly known as The Child. From the first look major and casual fans alike, seemed to lose their minds over his cuteness. Ever since it’s been almost impossible to escape him. As a matter of fact, fans won’t be limited to experiencing this adorable character just in toy form. No, he will also be available to enjoy on backpacks, jewelry (necklaces), costumes, phone cases cereal (yes, that’s right, Baby Yoda cereal) and more.

Baby Yoda The Mandalorian

Then, roughly two months after the show’s end, along comes the revelation of the much-awaited Project Luminous. On February 24, the world finally learned that this formerly beyond top-secret project referred to an ambitious publishing campaign that takes place 200 years before The Phantom Menace during the time of The High Republic. The first novel to be released under this category is called Star Wars The High Republic: Light of the Jedi. It’s being written by Charles Soule and is due out August 25th. In other words, if you’re looking for a good read on your plane ride to California for Celebration, this could just be it. It is now available for preorder on Penguin Random House.

Star Wars The High Republic - Marvel

Other titles in this line include Into the Dark by Claudia Gray (a young adult novel) also available for preorder but through Disney Books, A Test of Courage by Justina Ireland (a middle-grade reader) available for preorder through Disney Books as well. Along with the books, there are also a couple comics that are expected to be released in this line as well by both Daniel José Older and Cavan Scott. José’s comics are set to be titled “Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures” while Scott’s will simply be “Star Wars: The High Republic”.

Star Wars The High Republic - Featured

As if those two offerings weren’t enough, there’s also the long-awaited return of The Clone Wars on Disney+. As of this article, only the first two of twelve episodes are out, but as the reviews come in, the overwhelming consensus is that they are a massive success from their storytelling, to updated animation, to the relationship between characters both old and new. In the words of the amazing Kristin Baver associate editor for starwars.com, “Tracy [Cannobbio-Lucasfilm Publicist] warned me about how much this final season would make me cry and I didn’t listen.” To this Tracy cryptically replied, “Oh just wait, my friend. Just wait. #AhsokaTano #AnakinSkywalker #CaptainRex”. From there, fans jokingly responded about how both women were killing them with the teasing before also thanking them in the same tweet for spoiling fans in the best way possible.

The Best Trailer From SWCC | Our Verdict

Based on the evidence, Star Wars is just getting started with the next chapter in his ever-changing and expanding history. Just like with any other property, it has its ups and downs but will continue to transform into its apparently very bright future. The biggest change that can be seen is that Star Wars simply changing its main form of media. Rather than being on the big screen, it’s moving to the small screen and giving fans of all types a chance to really dive into its novel and comic-based forms. Rather than struggling to consume all forms of media prior to the next big-screen debut, fans now have a chance to more casually take in other forms of this amazing fictional universe. All in all, not bad for a supposedly dead franchise, right? This just leaves the final question, even with everything presented, is Star Wars effectively dead? It certainly doesn’t seem so. No, not by a long shot.


What do you guys think? Is Star Wars in danger of extinction? or are we on the threshold of a bold new chapter in the adventures of the galaxy far, far away… Share your thoughts below!


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1 thought on “Is Star Wars Dead? … Not By a Long Shot

  1. Star Wars. Is it dead? Mmmm, not really. I would say, if its a continuing story, that another chapter has been ended or tied up, as best as good be done by J, J. Abrams after the guy before him (Ryan somebody?) royally screwed things up in the episode before.

    There were letdowns:
    Snoke was created being, by Palpatine. Ohhhh mannn…….but what else could J J Abrams do? Think about it. Here you have Snoke, who said: “I have seen the rise of the Republic”…..
    How interesting then, that Palpatine never mentioned him to Anakin, Yoda never talked him, Luke said nothing about him…..

    and then REY being a Palpatine. Another letdown. It does explain her force ability, but i wish there were another way to explain it.

    But now, with Rey defeating Palpatine, the “story” could continue in any number of ways:
    1. REY could simply do nothing and let things be “silent”. But then if that happened there likely would be another later darkeness rises and light to meet it moment. or–
    2. Rey could be the new teacher of the Force to…whoever…and she could be careful how and what she teaches about it, to lessen the chance it would be misused. Is that possible? Because people are curious and will dabble or experiment and make discoveries, which may be used for either good or evil.
    3. The good guys could blast off further in to the Unknown Regions and meet new civilazations, such as The Chiss. What might happen then? Are the Chiss Good or bad? What technology or devices might be The Ancient Rakatans had Fantastic technology, much more so than the old Siths and a great deal of it has been lost. Their Star Forge was also destroyed. Does superior technology triumph over the Force? -theOwl30

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