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Disney calls off the London European launch as a precaution

In recent weeks, the continuing spread of the Coronavirus has seen several key sports events canceled … and it doesn’t end there. Sadly, even the glitz of Hollywood is not immune to this growing pandemic which has today forced Disney to call off the European Launch of its new Disney+ streaming service.

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The event was set to take place at the Exhibition London event space on March 5. The showcase was set to include “exclusive” presentations from key executives and creative heads, while a number of special guests were presumed to be in attendance. However, with the seemingly endless spread of Coronavirus reaching almost every corner of the globe Disney has halted the event.

The Disney Plus UK Pre-Order Deal Has Arrived!

Disney+ released the following statement after the cancellation:

“Due to a number of media attendee cancellations and increasing concerns at the prospect of traveling internationally at this time, we have decided to cancel our Disney+ launch events scheduled to take place on Thursday and Friday.”

Personally, I applaud Disney for taking this drastic step and putting people’s lives before the financial rewards. With cases of the Coronavirus on the increase, it was only a matter of time before the pandemic claimed more of these high profile events. In recent weeks, filming on the latest Mission Impossible sequel was bought to a standstill amidst outbreak concerns and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics is rumored to be next on the chopping block.

In the current climate, it seems better to be safe rather than sorry.

Kudos Disney.

We couldn’t be more excited about the Disney Plus UK launch, and several team members have already signed up for the service thanks to this bargain deal. March 24 can’t come quick enough! We look forward to seeing you there!


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