The Guardians Of The Galaxy to Appear in Thor Love and Thunder?

According to Vin Diesel – Alpha Groot and his fellow Guardians will be making an appearance in Thor‘s latest big-screen adventure!

Since its announcement, fans have been speculating about where the mighty God of Thunder will end up in Thor: Love and Thunder. Set sometime after the events of Avengers Endgame which saw Thor relinquish his Asgardian throne and join up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Love and Thunder has been plugged as a totally new experience for our beloved God of Thunder.

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Once again set to be directed and co-written by Taika Waititi alongside writer Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, Thor’s next big-screen adventure will feature the return of Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster and a surprise new villain played by none other than Christian Bale. Normally, the casting of a former Batman in a Marvel movie would be newsworthy enough but you can’t keep a good news story down … and Vin Diesel IS THE NEWS! Literally.

Whilst promoting Bloodshot, the upcoming big-screen adaptation of the classic Valiant comic, Diesel dropped a bombshell when he spoiled that members of the Guardians of the Galaxy will be popping up in Thor: Love and Thunder.


“[Taika Waititi] talked to me about how Thor will incorporate some of the Guardians of the Galaxy, which will be very interesting. Nobody knows, but maybe I shouldn’t have said anything,” Vin Diesel told Comic Book.

It’s too late now, Vin. The cat’s out of the bag! But seriously, whether or not Diesel let slip a little too early remains to be seen, however, this is the first time that the Guardians have been connected to the events of Thor: Love and Thunder. But their inclusion would make perfect sense from a story standpoint. Guardians Vol. 3 was expected to be released sometime in 2020 until the controversy surrounding the firing and rehiring of James Gunn derailed that possibility, therefore, the inclusion of the Guardians in Thor: Love and Thunder is the next logical step.

Vin Diesel - Bloodshot

And the fun doesn’t end there. Diesel continued to elaborate on the growth of Groot who has seen his fair share of changes during his torrid time in the MCU. He’s been a fully grown adult, a sapling, an adorable baby, and most recently a cantankerous teenager, but for Thor: Love and Thunder Diesel has other ideas. “I only have two words about that character and it is ‘Alpha Groot,'” He teased.

It’s not clear exactly what that change could mean for everyone’s favourite houseplant, but it may hint at a massive, imposing version of Groot like King Groot from the Marvel comics, or a race of tree creatures following Groot into battle. Either way, the notion of seeing the Guardians of the Galaxy under the directorial vision of Taika Waititi is an enticing prospect and me, for one will be first in line to see it.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Baby Groot

Of course, until this revelation is confirmed by an official source inside Marvel we should take this news with a pinch of salt – but when one the Guardians say he’s gonna be in the movie, you can bet your bottom dollar he’ll be in the movie!

Exciting times for the MCU.


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