December 4, 2022
Star Wars: The Clone Wars "The Bad Batch" Arc - Annlyel's Review

Annlyel shares her thoughts on the ‘The Bad Batch’ arc from the final season of ‘The Clone Wars’

It’s kind of shocking to think that four weeks ago the first episode of The Clone Wars‘ seventh season debuted. Now we’re already finished with the first storyline of the season; the Bad Batch storyline and I have to say, I was delightfully impressed. The first episode, “The Bad Batch“, wasn’t spectacular but it was fun. We got to meet new characters, an old character from earlier seasons was brought back into the fold, and the season started off with our favorite clone Captain, Rex. Um, yay!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars | 'The Bad Batch' Clip

The second episode, “A Distant Echo“, took things up a notch and once again, I was pleasantly surprised. The story only got even more interesting as the action ramped up.

And the third and fourth episodes, “On the Wings of Keeradacks” and “Unfinished Business” were absolutely spectacular. As someone who is an action junkie, these two episodes were phenomenally entertaining. I found myself gawking at the animation several times, I loved how the clones were utilized in the episodes, but I especially loved how Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Mace Windu were given their individual moments to shine. There’s nothing cooler than seeing Jedi in action, and boy was Anakin’s dark side delved into at times. *rubbing my hands gleefully*

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Unfinished Business" Clip 3

The Clone Wars has gotten to a great start and honestly, this season is definitely on the tracks to be one of the best, if not the best, seasons for the series.

Is it as entertaining as the four first episodes of Star Wars: Rebels‘ final season? No. Not by a long shot. The final season of Star Wars: Rebels was something truly special. I don’t think The Clone Wars can ever reach that level of excellence but we’ll see. The next eight episodes could change my mind.


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