DC Multiverse Review Batgirl (McFarlane Toys)

Thomas returns to Gotham City to review the cool new Batgirl figure from McFarlane Toys

After their contract ended with Mattel, DC Comics named McFarlane Toys as its toy licensee for its next line of 7-inch figures. The first group of figures was released in January in the US and is now widely available in Europe.


I’ll be reviewing the Collect-To-Build The Batmobile wave, it includes Nightwing, Batgirl and The Batman Who Laughs. This wave is exclusively based on the character’s appearances from the comics DC Rebirth. Every figure comes with a biography card and a basic black stand with the DC comics logo on it.


Batgirl also comes with her grappling gun and her Batarang. While the grappling gun is made of the same soft plastic as Nightwing‘s fight sticks. The Batarang holds better in the hands though. The outfit is really beautiful, just like Nightwing, they got the small details here and there and there are good paint apps! The outfit is her second one from Rebirth, leaving the purple behind for grey. I really love this new outfit, it’s less flashy and soberer, it feels more like Gotham.


The headsculpt too is fantastic, they really did a good job with the hair, which has also been sculpted as a separate piece of plastic from the head. This figure has 22 points of articulation and they gave the cape an “in motion” effect so it’s great for action poses!


The Batmobile is a small vehicle, it’s not the same scale as these figures, it’s pretty nice and detailed. It’s like a cool bonus for collectors who got the whole wave.


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Final Thoughts:

A great addition to this new line!


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