February 2, 2023
Star Wars: The Clone Wars 'Old Friends Not Forgotten' - Review

Max prepares for the beginning of the end of The Clone Wars in Season 7.9 – “Old Friends Not Forgotten”

The Battle for Mandalore has begun!

“Old Friends Not Forgotten” exploded onto the screen with tons of action and Star Wars goodness. The Outer Rim Sieges are in full swing and we are first treated to Anakin Skywalker‘s reckless/brilliant battle tactics. It’s a little annoying to see Anakin so flippant towards Obi-Wan, but you can’t help but admire his ingenuity and battle smarts. Alongside R2-D2 (who we don’t see much of anymore), Anakin hatches a clever scheme to win a battle on a bridge on a new obscure world that looks like one you’d see going into New York City. The bridge I mean.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars 'Old Friends Not Forgotten' 1

Once back on the Command ship, Anakin and Obi-Wan reunite with Ahsoka and they discuss pursuing Maul on Mandalore. Obi-Wan does NOT want to get involved in Mandalore’s business, and they quickly get word that Coruscant is under attack. Revenge of the Sith is right on the precipice of initiation and the ‘rest is history’ is beautifully led into.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars 'Old Friends Not Forgotten' 2

Anakin and Ahsoka trade goodbyes and Anakin gives Ahsoka, the newly promoted Commander Rex and a portion of the 501st Legion to take Mandalore. The 501st knew Ahsoka was back so they painted their helmets orange and white to match her coloring. It’s nice from an innocent point of view, but let’s pretend this was Earth and Ahsoka was African American or Hispanic. It would be totally inappropriate to paint their helmets black or brown, so I feel it would be the same here. Unrelated, I loved how Ahsoka tells Anakin that Obi-Wan doesn’t believe in luck but Anakin does. Hmmm. Maybe that explains a lot…… Anakin also bequeaths Ahsoka her lightsabers that she gave up but now the blades are blue. Why? In-universe it may be because Anakin’s is blue, but symbolically it could be said they are that hue because Ahsoka is starting her path all over again. Blue sabers always struck me as for students and green for masters but that’s just me.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars 'Old Friends Not Forgotten' 4

Anyways, the beginning of the Mandalore siege was so cool and Ahsoka and Bo-Katan are COMPLETE badasses with abilities on par of something like the Avengers. It was just an all-around excellent episode and the Loth-wolf is waiting in the wings. Let’s see how this goes. A+.

Can’t wait for the rest!


Star Wars: The Clone Wars is streaming now exclusively on Disney+


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