Marvel Legends Hasbro Vulture - Spider-Man Homecoming Review

Thomas swings into action to review Hasbro’s awesome Vulture action figure from Spider-Man: Homecoming

During this lockdown time, here’s a throwback with a review of Vulture from Spider-Man Homecoming. The Build-A-Figure character for this figure is Vulture flight gear.


If you want a complete Vulture you need the whole wave. This figure only comes with the first part of the flight gear and a stand because it’s a massive gear (two wings) and with it, the figure can barely stand on its own. However, if you just have Vulture without the rest of the wave, it’s still a pretty cool figure.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Vulture Spider-Man: Homecoming Review 3

There is no Michael Keaton’s headsculpt and honestly, I’m happy there isn’t because this was at a time when Marvel Legends hadn’t started to employ the revolutionary digital face print tech yet so it would have looked awful! The outfit is screen accurate and it has good paint apps with some nice details on it! I like the brown they have chosen for the jacket, it tries to replicate a leather effect. This figure has 22 points of articulation so you can get it in some pretty cool action poses!


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Final Thoughts:

A good figure that would be in need of a re-release to get a Michael Keaton headsculpt with the digital face print tech!


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