Carl is on hand with his recommendation of what to read whilst in lockdown

To help beat the coronavirus blues, for the foreseeable future, members of team Future of the Force will be on hand with our recommendations of awesome literature to check out whilst in self-quarantine. Whether its lesser-known gems, New York Times Best-Sellers, or just funs reads – we’ll be here to keep you entertained during this difficult time.


The Empire Strikes Back (Marvel Comics Version)

Ok, this is for all the dads and their sons out there. Back in 1980, Marvel Comics once again produced a comic strip version of ‘The Empire Strikes Back‘. They produced one for ‘Star Wars‘ back in 1978 but that was released in two parts, both oversized comic books which encompassed the whole story. They did combine both parts into a normal novel-sized book and released that a short time later. However, when it came to ‘Empire‘, the comic strip was released through the ‘Star Wars Weekly‘ comic that could be found at all news counters around the globe. Once again, however, the entire comic strip adaptation was made into a paperback book that was released. I’m happy to say that I still have my copy of it but for those who didn’t get it or had it and lost it, the strip is once again available, this time under the ‘Star Wars Legends Epic Collection‘ Marvel volumes that are available from book stores and online retailers.


I shall base this recommendation on the original paperback-sized release. It’s funny but this original 1980/1981 release is still available and for an incredibly reasonable price. Forget the hundreds of pounds, dollars, etc. It can be found on eBay and Amazon for around five pounds or eight dollars. And it is a bargain. The drawing style and adaptation that was created are completely sublime, bringing joy and entertainment to young children around the world. Fathers who bought the comic strip magazines back in the day as children can reacquaint themselves with their childhood while also bringing the enjoyment to their sons, bonding over something that will open their eyes to another world and begin the next generation of comic-book and Star Wars fans.

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Marvel

The entire storyline of the film is presented here in all its pen and ink tinged glory. The scenes and storyline are depicted with unbeatable and unsurpassed quality and will once again bring joy to the faces of those who open its cover once more. Or to those who will touch the pages for the very first time. It is almost a rite of passage between father and son, one that is touching and thrilling as the torch is passed to the next generation. Hunt down a copy if you need to or find it from the attic, open its pages once more and allow yourself to be drawn into a galaxy far, far away once more.


Let us know if you have any suggestions of great books and literature our readers should check out and we’ll feature and share them with the FOTF community.


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