September 21, 2023
S.H. Figuarts Review| Thanos (Avengers: Infinity War) (2nd Release)

Thomas heads to Titan for a rendevous with the Mad Titan himself from Tamashii’s stellar Figuarts collection

Despite the delay for their Avengers Endgame final battle figures, S.H. Figuarts still managed to re-release a few Marvel Cinematic Universe popular figures. One of them is Thanos in his outfit from Avengers Infinity War! A second release is always helpful for collectors especially since they always improve the figures with new paint apps.


Much like Endgame Thanos, the box is big compared to other Figuarts as it’s a massive figure. It comes with 3 different head sculpts and 7 interchangeable hands. One of the hands includes a “snap” hand, which is great but I would have loved to see a “snap” hand included for the glove too as that’s what he does at the end of the movie. Though, when he speaks to Doctor Strange on Titan, he also uses his other hand to show he’ll do the snap so you can recreate this scene if you want!


This figure has 26 points of articulation including an extra POA for the wrist to allow better articulation range. The outfit is accurate with great paint apps. I would argue though that the Infinity gauntlet is way too yellowish and a somber golden color would have worked better. As for the three head sculpts, they are absolutely fantastic, the digital print tech makes all the difference. You get a serious facial expression, an angry one, and an evil smiling face – all the faces you need for Thanos.

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Final Thoughts:

A great figure to add to your MCU collection!


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