December 8, 2022
Disney Plus National Geographic

Annlyel shares her to picks of the best National Geographic content available on Disney+ to enteratin you during the coronavirus lockdown

Surprisingly, National Geographic has become my favorite category on Disney+. There are so many great shows on the category providing sincerely informative and wowing series focusing on nature and the amazing habits of humans. Whether we’re talking about how the Sahara Desert in Africa helps feed nutrients to the Amazon River in South America in One Strange Rock or how several people learn how to live and adapt under the freezing temperatures in Alaska on Life Below Zero, National Geographic is incredibly entertaining to watch. So, with no further delay, here are the five best things to watch on National Geographic.


Free Solo

I’m not a HUGE documentary fan but when there is a documentary that is good I will be the first to advocate for it. Free Solo is one of those documentaries. Featuring one of the most incredible rock climbers that I’ve seen, Alex Honnold, Free Solo features incredible directing moments that leave one staring at the screen wide-eyed with one’s heart dropping constantly from the jaw-dropping cliffs Honnold must climb.

This is a must-watch and when you see it you’ll understand why.


Hostile Planet

A lot of nature series are the same, focusing on animals we’ve seen a gazillion times doing the same thing in slightly different ways. This series focuses on some truly mind-boggling travails of nature’s most persistent and resilient inhabitants as the term survival of the fittest is brought to the test in astonishing ways.


Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted

If you like seeing world-renown chefs going to exotic regions of our world to cook strange and delicious things then this is the show for you. Gordon Ramsay takes his culinary adventures global, showcasing fantastic meals from places around the world where he discovers just how incredible food truly is.


One Strange Rock

One Strange Rock is one of the best series I have ever seen that focuses on the brilliance of the planet we call home: Earth. With ten incredible episodes, this series brings to life the truly incredible nature of this blue planet we live upon and how we are all interconnected with this One. Strange. Rock.


Life Below Zero

This is a show that seems monotone and ultimately unwatchable but as it plays in the backgrounds and one becomes invested in the everyday lives of these hardy Alaskans seasons upon seasons pass by and you end up discovering that you can’t get enough of the show. The series gets better and better with every season as the individuals’ storylines get more and more interesting until you’re at the end of Season 14 and desperately awaiting the moment when Season 15 arrives. (That’s what happened to my family and I.)

If you need something to binge-watch I suggest watching the Emmy-nominated reality series, Life Below Zero. It is surprisingly entertaining in ways that I can’t even fully explain.


So, there. It’s safe to say, Disney+ has a lot, and with each month featuring more and more content, it’s no surprise this service has 50 million subscribers. A number that will undoubtedly grow in the coming years as the more original content is created for the service.


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