Max examines the potential for ‘Star Wars Legends’ to influence the events of The High Republic

Many Star Wars fans are anticipating the next chapter of storytelling with the High Republic literary project arriving this summer. Details are scarce but from what we know; the story takes place 200 years before The Phantom Menace and will involve the Jedi dealing with the threat of Viking like aliens called the Nihl. There will be no Sith and war presumably since that would MAJORLY contradict canon BUT the plot synopsis’ mention a disaster that pulls ships out of hyperspace and the headlining book for the project mentions that there is a threat to the Force itself. If it’s not war and not Sith; what could this huge threat be?

Project Luminous Revealed - The High Republic

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Many Star Wars super nerds like me tried to delve into the bottomless chasm of Star Wars lore for an answer and my only conclusion is that the threat is the emergence of the Bringer of Chaos or Abeloth. For those of you who are unaware; Abeloth is an ancient being who bathed in the Font of Power and became the makeshift “Mother” to the Ones. Unfortunately, Abeloth was evil and the Ones locked her in the Maw, a collection of black holes near Kessel. When Jacen Solo altered the timeline and destroyed Centerpoint; Abeloth was freed and was a major adversary to Luke Skywalker and his new Jedi Order; at least in Legends.

Star Wars | The Defining Moments: Luke Skywalker

Even though this is Legends; many of Legends components found their way into canon over the last 6 years and Abeloths ridiculous power in the Force fits as something that would be a threat to the Force itself. Also during this disaster, ships were pulled out of hyperspace mysteriously and this seems well in Abeloths skillset; acting as a Force Interdictor cruiser. Also, Interdictors didn’t exist in 232 BBY; so it is unknown what could pull a ship out of hyperspace but an application of the Force.

Star Wars Legends - Abeloth

If I am correct; I would be very excited to see the return of Abeloth even though I’m still waiting on the Vong to return. The Grysks don’t quite do it for me.


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