Thomas heads to Hoth for a close encounter with Darth Vader’s Imperial Probe Droid from Hasbro’s Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary Collection

2020 marks the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back and Hasbro has planned a lot of releases to celebrate. One of the first figures released for this anniversary was a deluxe – the Imperial Probe Droid.


It is the third deluxe figure Hasbro will be releasing under the red and black packaging (non-exclusive) and this is definitely the largest box they did, it’s not a big figure, if you don’t put it on the stand, it is basically the height of a trooper but it’s a large one.


The stand is a Hoth snow stand with a transparent stick to attach the droid on it. There is a lot of detail on the probe droid. They have given battle damage/dirt paint on the pretty cool figure. The red paint on some parts of the droid is irregular, some are good and others that are messy.

All the legs are articulated – 17 points of articulation in total along with 1 POA for the main body, 1 POA for the small cannon, and 1 POA for the retractable antennas. The two antennas move together, you can’t retract one without the other, it’s because they’re part of the same piece of plastic inside.

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Final Thoughts

A good figure to expand your Imperial ranks.


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