October 5, 2022

Thomas reviews the Imperial AT-AT Driver from Hasbro’s repackaged Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary Collection

The AT-AT Driver is part of the first wave of single carded figures for the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back. For the occasion, Hasbro brought back the Vintage card back like they had done for A New Hope anniversary.


This one is a straight repack without any improvements and that’s disappointing. It certainly gives a chance for collectors who didn’t get him the first time but the original release had some big flaws and you find the same flaws on this one. For the armor parts and the helmet, Hasbro used a cheaper plastic than usual along with the paint, you can definitely notice it because it’s white-ish/grey-ish and not shiny white like the other trooper figures. It shouldn’t be like this, it should be shiny white like the others.


The outfit is accurate in design but not in color as I mentioned above with the armor parts and the helmet. The rest is good though. They got all the little details on the control panel of his helmet. This figure has 18 points of articulation but the elbow POA is not wide enough which limits very much the articulation there. This figure comes with a repack of the Imperial blaster, it’s painted all black, they didn’t even take the time to have a little bit of grey paint there.


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Final Thoughts

That’s exactly how you don’t do a re-release – without improvements. A disappointing figure.


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