Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Jedi Knight Revan Review

Thomas checks out Hasbro‘s new “Gaming Greats” Jedi Knight Revan figure

Hasbro is doing a new line of Black Series figures – the Gaming Greats. This line is dedicated to the video games but only with repaint figures, no new sculpt or completely new characters at least for now. When Galaxy of Heroes started, I had never thought Hasbro would actually make figures from this game but here we are with Jedi Knight Revan. Unexpected but welcome!

The Jedi Knight colors have a huge Jedi Temple Guards vibe from The Clone Wars and that has me excited for the prospects of getting these Guards in six-inch! They are some beautiful details on the armor plate of Revan and the helmet has all the different colors from the classic helmet, all carefully applied to it. All in all, it’s a great looking figure! They used soft good for the robe and plastic for the belt so you get enough articulation range for the legs. This figure has 18 points of articulation, though the head POA is limited because of the hood.

The lightsaber is painted in black and grey with a red and green button. The blade is non-removable. Check out the slideshow below.


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Final Thoughts

A good figure and definitely worth for people who wanted a Revan figure but who missed on the basic version.


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