Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Heavy Battle Droid (Star Wars: Battlefront II) Review

Thomas checks out the newly released Heavy Battle Droid from Hasbro’s Gaming Greats line

 Hasbro is producing a new line of Black Series figures – the Gaming Greats. This line is dedicated to the video games but only with repaint figures, no new sculpt or completely new characters at least for now.

The Heavy Battle Droid is from the acclaimed video game Battlefront II. It comes with an E-5 Blaster Rifle, an FWMB-10 Repeating Blaster, a DLT-19 rifle, and an interchangeable antenna. The Repeating Blaster is a straight repack while the other two rifles are repaints, they used a grey-ish/black-ish paint to fit the color of the droid. I really appreciate they included weapons we can get in the game but they forgot to include what I think is the most important – the basic rifle you get for the droid. I can understand why they didn’t though, it would have required a new sculpt, and this line is only repacked figures and repaints.

This droid would not have necessarily been my first for a repaint of the Battle Droid. I think a lot of collectors want the Security and Commander droids but it’s nice to see Hasbro giving some love to the video games! They have given him some battle damaged effects but not enough for in my opinion. The paint apps are pretty good, they nailed the orange/black look of the droid. Like the normal battle droid, the antennas on the backpack are retractable and the E-5 blaster can be attached to it. The backpack is also removable to attach only the interchangeable antennas.

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This figure has 21 points of articulation so you can get some good action poses though you have to be patient to make him stand properly. I definitely advise using basic stands. Check out the slideshow below:


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Final Thoughts:

A worthy addition to the video games figures!


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