December 4, 2022

‘Holy understatements, Batman! This book is quite fine!’ – Carl joins Titan Books in the Batcave!!!

“Holy Page Turner, Batman!” This is the kind of book that will not only inform the reader of various facts to do with the classic show and characters, it also manages to bring a genuine smile and elicits laughs from the reader. Forget dark and brooding Batman. Forget the down to earth, grounded in reality approach. Forget Ben Affleck (Most people already have). This is the 1960s campiness at its finest. And for those of us over a certain age, this is the Batman book for us.

Batman: Facts And Stats From The Classic TV Show | By Rian Hughs


Designed by Rian Hughes with text by Y.Y Flurch, this great little book brings the facts behind the bat and his various enemies to the reader with aplomb. Just by opening the front cover, we are greeted with the opening titles in picture form. It is a great introduction into the world of Adam West and Burt Ward, into a series that I used to rush home from school to watch every afternoon. Without fail, every weeknight at 5.15pm, the TV was tuned in to watch the exploits of the caped crusader and his sidekick, Robin. And I lapped it up. When he came along, my brother was forced by me to sit and devour the dynamic duo in all their glory. He is a massive Batman fan and it is all my fault. I admit it. But upon opening this book, I was transported back again to those childhood days and it gave me a huge sense of pride and pleasure to see things that only existed in my memories until seeing them again brought them back to the fore again.


The tone and look of what lies inside the pages fit in perfectly with the classic show as does the text. It is a wonderful look into what we saw on the screens as children. Facts like the first episode of the show that debuted on Wednesday 12th January 1966 grabbed a 49% share of the viewing audience are presented to us throughout the pages. Heroes and villains alike are looked at under the book’s microscope and dragged back into the consciousness of the reader. And of course, the gadgets, even those which were so outlandish (Bat Sleep, Anti-Shark repellant bat spray) are presented to us once again. And the revelation that the show’s executive producer, William Dozier was the voice of the narrator, Desmond Doomsday came as a complete surprise to me. I always thought that it was Adam West himself lending his tones as the voice. More fool me, then!

Adam West as Bruce Wayne

Even the guest villains that were not the biggest draw get a mention here. Anyone remember ‘Shame’?. ‘Black Widow’? (no, not that one!). ‘Dr. Cassandra Spellcraft’? You will here as you go through the pages. Even the guest appearance by ‘The Green Hornet’ and ‘Kato’ gets a page. It is a wonderful reminder of those days where I used to be able to watch TV and be entertained innocently.


Final Thoughts:

All in all, the book is a nice little time waster and is deserving of a purchase. It doesn’t outstay its welcome but reintroduces us to the world and the events from many years ago when a lot of us were innocent children, who could see who the heroes and villains were and cheer as our heroes came out on top. By picking up and reading this book, you, like me, will be transported back to that Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel!

Batman 80th Anniversary | Return of the Caped Crusaders

Batman: Facts And Stats From The Classic TV Show by Rian Hughs is published by Titan Books and is available to buy now!


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