Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Rebel Soldier (Hoth) The Empire Strikes Back Review

Thomas heads to Hoth for his latest Hasbro Black Series review

The second wave of figures for the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back is now available! The Rebel Soldier (Hoth) was the most anticipated figure from this wave so I’m excited to review it! This is the second time we are getting a rebel soldier and the first time that it is an army build figure.

It comes with some pretty great accessories – a DH-17 blaster, an A280 blaster rifle, headscarf, protective glasses, a backpack, and interchangeable face sculpt! For the DH-17 blaster is a repaint, they painted it all black so it’s a miss in terms of accuracy as the barrel is supposed to be silver. It fits in the holster of the trooper. As for the A280 blaster rifle, it’s the first time Hasbro has produced it in 6″ format and it’s pretty good, they got the details right.

The first headsculpt is based on the trooper from the packaging, it’s good. The second headsculpt is hidden inside the backpack, it’s a bearded trooper. It’s probably based on a trooper from the movie but I can’t seem to see which one, anyway, it’s good headsculpt as well, it definitely looks like an actual person thanks to the digital face print tech! To change the face, you need to remove the top of the head, and then you can replace the faces. Hasbro said you have 16 different combinations for the trooper – with glasses, without glasses, with glasses on the cap, with the headscarf on, without the headscarf, with the headscarf below the chin … So you have a good amount of possibilities and this gives you an idea of how many troopers you need to buy if you’re an army-builder! The glasses are attached with an elastic so be careful as I’m not so sure it’ll last very long. Concerning the headscarf, I haven’t been able to put it on the face of the trooper, only below the chin. That thing is so thin and so small that I can’t see how it’s possible to put it on the face of the figure without breaking it. You still have a lot of possibilities for the trooper without the scarf.

The outfit is great and lots of small details including on the backpack. It has good paint apps. I like the dark silver paint they used on some parts of the figure, it has a metal feel. That would be the perfect paint to use on a Super Battle Droid when Hasbro decides to make one. This figure has 21 points of articulation and has the additional shoulder POA which is what the trooper figures need to hold their rifles properly!

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Final Thoughts:

A great figure for army builders, it was about time the Rebellion got more troopers for their ranks!


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