Black Series Imperial Tie Fighter Pilot (The Empire Strikes Back) Review

Thomas climbs into a Tie Fighter for his latest Hasbro Black Series review

The second wave of action figures for the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back brings another repack – the Imperial Tie Fighter Pilot.

It was first released in the blue packaging of the Black Series in 2014 so re-releasing it was about time for collectors who didn’t get the chance to buy it or simply people who wanted more of this guy for their collection! It’s a straight repack, no changes.

This figure has 16 points of articulation so you can get great action poses. It comes with an E-11 blaster, it’s painted all black and it fits in the holster. The figure itself is mostly black so there’s no possibility of having messy paint apps except for the panel controls but mine has good paint apps so it’s all fine. The helmet sculpt is great, they totally nailed it and even with the tubes attached to it, you still have a good articulation range.


Final Thoughts:

An easy army-build and a much-needed re-release!


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