Netflix Officially Cancels Daredevil After Three Seasons

Marvel Studios will be free to use the man without fear in six months

The sudden and unwelcome cancellation of Marvel’s Daredevil left a bad taste in the mouth of Marvel fans everywhere. The series was a revelation. The first of a new breed of adult-themed television shows that revolutionized the way we watch television. Alongside Orange Is the New Black and Stranger Things, it was one of the shining jewel’s in Netflix’s crown – but the breakdown of the relationship between Marvel and the streamer left the future of the series in doubt and it quickly became apparent that the show’s days were numbered.

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With Daredevil joining Jessica Jones, The Punisher, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist on the Netflix scrap heap fans were left to fear the worst. And compounding the issue was Netflix’s contractual stipulation that prohibited Marvel Studios from using the show’s characters for two years after their termination. It has been 18 months since Daredevil was put out to pasture and the social media account for the #SaveDaredevil campaign has reignited the issue and reminded us that just six months remain before the man without fear can return to the fold.

The SaveDaredevil Instagram page posted a picture on their page that says 18 months down, 6 more to go, which indicates that the rights are within reach for Marvel Studios. The post continues to read “It’s been 18 months since the cancellation and with your support, we continue to fight until the 2-year moratorium is over. Thank you! #FandomWithoutFear!” You can check out the Instagram post below:

To be clear, Marvel Studios have and still own the rights to all characters used in every single Netflix series. However, the deal with the streamer prohibits the usage of them until the broadcast contract expires. So, does that mean we can all look forward to seeing Daredevil make a triumphant return to the MCU in the future? Sadly, the answer is still a mystery.

Netflix Officially Cancels Daredevil After Three Seasons

Given the popularity of the character, one would think Kevin Feige would be desperate to bring Charlie Cox into the fold and introduce Daredevil into the events of the MCU, however, the actor himself has recently gone on record to say that he hasn’t had any contact from Marvel regarding a triumphant return. Cox has made his feelings clear that if Feige ever came calling he’d jump at the chance to suit up once again, but Marvel may wish to start afresh and introduce a new incarnation of the blind warrior – which would be a great shame and even greater disservice to Charlie Cox.


Personally, I loved Charlie Cox as Daredevil and I would relish the chance to see him slip back into the famous costume and walk into battle alongside Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. Whether this dream comes to fruition remains to be seen, but in truth, the only people who really know what’s going on are sat behind a desk at Marvel Studios HQ.

The clock is ticking. 6 months Mr. Murdoch – stay by the phone!


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