December 9, 2022
Star Wars Squadrons Reveal Trailer - Our Reactions

We share our reactions to EA Star Wars‘ glorious new game trailer

Aside from the impressive Playstation 5 launch which unveiled several high profile and mindblowing new games, one thing was missing. A new Star Wars game. The PS4 built its launch around the debut of Star Wars Battlefront 2 and the absence of a new Star Wars game at the unveiling of the PS5 was a massive hole that not even Spider-Man: Miles Morales could fill. However, the team at EA Star Wars always has an ace up the sleeve, and within hours of the PS5 announcement headlines about Star Wars Squadrons began to hit the wires.

Star Wars Squadrons

Fast forward to today and the release trailer for the game has literally taken the internet by storm. Vivid images of X-Wings flying into some of the most iconic battles in Star Wars history against the imposing forces of the Empire have teased a tantalizing new chapter in Star Wars gaming – but what did our team of writers think? Join us as we share our reactions to the awesome trailer and what we hope to see when the game releases later this year.

Dogfight Delights | By Thomas Storai

“I love that the game is set in the post-Return Of The Jedi era with the New Republic, it’s a time that still needs to be developed! A starfighter dogfight game is very exciting, it looks great, I’m definitely getting this one! Seeing Hera and the Starhawk cruisers were also quite a surprise!”


All Wings Report In. Sign Me Up | By Phil Roberts

As a kid, I adored the Rogue Squadron games – but Star Wars Squadrons is taking the platform to another level. The immersive atmosphere of the game is tantalizing and the prospect of choosing a side and jumping into either an X-Wing fighter or TIE Fighter and blowing something up is too good to pass up. The game appears to have harnessed the very best of Rogue Squadron and dialed the action to eleven. For me, Squadrons is a slam dunk. It appears to have everything we could possibly want from a Star Wars piloting game and I will be pre-ordering my copy without delay. I look forward to lining up beside you and locking S-foils in attack position!


Time For a Fresh Start | By Annlyel James

Yes, I’m bored with Disney taking us round and round in the same circles, the same boring timelines, The Rise of Skywalker is over so why do we still need to know about the plights of the Resistance versus the First Order? Because J.J Abrams didn’t finish the story well enough and Disney’s trying to make up for it by adding new stories to the overall structure of this saga?

Don’t get me wrong. I’ll probably be gearing up for a seat in the cockpit of an X-Wing whenever it is available to play on XBOX One, considering that the trailer did get me buzzing. I mean, finally! A chance to feel the thrill of piloting a ship in space. Woo! But I do wish we could step outside of a timeline that ultimately didn’t end that well.


Wow! | By Max Nocerino

It’s amazing how computer graphics have advanced so far since I played games as a child. Everything looks awesome and epic though it is slightly confusing on what era this game takes place in. Since they mentioned “The New Republic” and “Vengence”; I assume they are speaking of after Jakku. I honestly can’t wait to play it though and wow. Even TIE’s have “super-laser” (variants) now.


A Grown-Up Star Wars Fighter Game | By Katelyn Mathis

Wow, guys. Wow. We have seen several Star Wars games released over the past few years. Most have been met with positive reactions. But Squadrons might take the cake. I remember playing a Star Wars fighter game on my PS1 when I was 11. This looks like the grown-up version we’ve been waiting for. And the added bonus of playing with friends will be a huge advantage for the game. I can’t wait until the release date to try it out.


This Could Be The Game Of The Year| By Carl Roberts

Will YOU be jumping into a ship too?

OMG! For someone who grew up playing the Rogue Squadron games, this is a game that I must grab with both hands. I mean, come on! What’s not to like for a Star Wars fan than to be inside the cockpit of an X-Wing or a TIE fighter and fly around taking on the enemy? It’s bliss. And with the fantastic graphics thrown into the mix and a few cameos from fan-favorites to boot, there is so much that the game has to offer and not just for the hardcore fans out there. This could be the game of the year in my eyes. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s going to win the title hands down. And I can’t wait to grab a copy and play it into the ground.


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Maybe we’re biased, but the entire Future Of The Force team is ready to climb into a fighter and deploy along the front lines. The incredible release trailer has teased some of the very best Star Wars piloting action ever attempted and with the hotly anticipated gameplay trailer due to release tomorrow – even our wildest dreams may be about to be surpassed. These are exciting times for the galaxy, far, far away…

Are you as excited as we are for Star Wars: Squadrons? Drop us a line in the comments section and share your opinions with the FOTF community.

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