September 27, 2023
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Disney Plus Poster

VUE Cinemas will be showing the stellar Star Wars sequel this July as Disney stimulates the UK cinema market

Just days after Cineworld Cinemas announced plans to reopen its doors for the first time in three months on July 10, we are hearing that Disney has optioned the rights to screen the recently released 4K version of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back to VUE Cinemas.

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According to Variety, The Empire Strikes Back is among several titles Disney is offering U.K. exhibitors intending to reopen their doors this July. Disney’s offer is a prime example of how the major studios are leveraging the strength of their back catalogs to help the exhibition sector get back on its feet in the aftereffect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

VUE is expected to follow Cineworld in opening its doors from July once the UK Government’s stringent health and safety protocols have been implemented across its branches. These are known to include physically isolating family groups, staggering film times to maintain social distancing, and introducing enhanced cleaning.

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This is wonderful news. Could this be the first of many Star Wars titles to find its way onto the big screen? who knows. However, this move is obviously designed to tease those trepidacious among us to return to multiplexes and get things moving again; and what better movie is there than the greatest Star Wars movie of them all? – and in 4K no less.

Kudos, Disney.


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(Source: Variety)

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