Star Wars Squadrons - Pliots Wanted

Max shares his reaction to EA’s new Star Wars Squadrons gameplay trailer

I just finished watching the 5-minute gameplay trailer of Star Wars: Squadrons and I have to say, the graphics are just incredible and I really love how the cockpit feels realistic, like a pseudo-VR.  There are many different modes to play in this game and plenty of tests where you can challenge yourself. You can also customize your ship and your pilot in numerous ways and the Twi’lek Avatar really looks it could be an offshoot of a human species.

That’s how advanced this game is. There are tons of starfighters to choose from and I think it’s completely impossible to be bored playing this game. Also as a side note: I had trouble hearing but I ascertained that there may be a large Imperial station in the game that will have the campaign to destroy. It’s not a Death Star (thank god), but it looks impressive.

Terisa Kerill - Star Wars Squadrons

I continue to love how diverse Disney is making Star Wars. There is a woman of Asian descent who features prominently as an Imperial. Hera also looks great and the photorealistic design is stunning. I can’t say that enough!

I am definitely getting this game when it comes out in October and all gamers should as well.

Star Wars Squadrons - The Overseer

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