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Annlyel shares her thoughts about Disney Plus‘ Broadway spectacular!!

There was a time when the idea of watching an acclaimed Broadway musical at home would’ve been laughable. It seems that Lin-Manuel Miranda is changing the world again by making the once impossible possible by bringing the 11-time Tony-award winning musical, Hamilton, to homes everywhere via Disney+. It arrived on July 3, just a day before the Fourth of July, and of course, viewers flocked to the streaming service to see if the musical was truly worth the hype. It’s been three days since I’ve watched it for the first time and I can assure you, it is the most powerful piece of movie/musical art of the century.

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Hamilton, the first Broadway musical I would ever have the luxury of seeing, surpassed all of my wildest expectations as it swept me into its warm and fuzzy embrace, taking me on a historical journey that felt like the greatest history lesson of all time. Yes, some of the details are dramatized and not entirely accurate but that didn’t stop movies like Braveheart which clearly got the historical facts wrong from getting praised and awarded for its brilliance and I’m glad Hamilton wasn’t vilified for not telling the story exactly like it happened. Beyond the controversy that lurks around this musical, it is truly brilliant and on Disney+, you get the best seat in the house to enjoy something that everyone should get a chance to see.

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And now that this has happened, does this mean that we may get more musicals brought to our at-home television screens every year? Think about the critically-acclaimed Broadway musicals that people have been talking about for years; Cats or WickedThey tried to recreate Cats in movie form last year and the film was torn from limb to limb because it was so bad. Wicked is set to be adapted in movie form in the coming years but maybe we should see the actual Broadway musical instead.

Think about special that can be.

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In the past few years, Broadway has seen a constant decline in revenue. Maybe this will be the nice kick in the caboose that Broadway will need to get people excited to see plays of this grandeur in person again. We shall see.


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