December 11, 2023
The Top Five - Steven Spielberg Edition

Annlyel shares her top five movies from the legendary Steven Spielberg

Every generation delivers its share of incredible moviemakers that manage to provide top-notch films that are truly extraordinary. Steven Spielberg is one of these outstanding, almost supernatural moviemakers that seems to always create a film that sometimes feels far greater than it should ever be considered of being. And so for this next edition of The Top Five, I thought it would be fun to tackle this goliath of a director’s cinematic achievements.


1. Jaws

Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh. Those are the heart-trembling beats of John Williams’ iconic Oscar-winning score for a movie that is the embodiment everyone’s fear for the scariest fish of the ocean: sharks! In 1975 people were forced to watch in horror a shark terrorize a small beach town for a little over two hours. I don’t know what it is but there is something extremely satisfying about this film and it messes with the psyche.

Jaws 009

2. Raiders of the Lost Ark

Harrison Ford was already famous as Han Solo in Star Wars. But forget him as Han Solo, the cocky smuggler with a knack for extreme likability. It is his role as Indiana Jones, the near-superhero like archaeologist professor with his trusty whip that feels like the role that put Harrison Ford on the map forever. And Raiders of the Lost Ark is easily the best film of the Indiana Jones quadrilogy by a long shot.

It never seems to let up, delivering a thrilling adventure companioned by an iconic musical score that would send Indiana Jones into the legend books. By the conclusion, with chills running down your spine, there is no doubt that you have witnessed one of the greatest movies in cinematic history.

Indiana Jones And The Raiders Of The Lost Ark

3. Jurassic Park

A movie about a park full of dinosaurs? Sounds, ultimately, pretty boring right? In the hands of a cinematic mastermind like Steven Spielberg who brought the concept of a giant killer Great White shark to life, the concept of a park full of dinosaurs has an entirely different meaning.

From the point of view of someone whose first viewing of Jurassic Park was an IMAX rerelease, let me tell you how much of a genius Spielberg. I have never screamed and jumped that much in a movie theater. The experience was nothing less of terrifying yet I was still filled with an exhilaration that only comes while watching an exceptional Steven Spielberg movie. The man is a genius and this film only confirms that fact.

Jurassic Park 003

4. The Color Purple

Moviemaking at its finest. The Color Purple should’ve won Best Picture in 1986 (period) but that’s a whole other debate. Steven Spielberg is a fantastic director who manages to invoke raw emotion from material that is as gritty and as raw as it gets. When the triumphant conclusion arrives, there’s a very good chance you’ll be in a river of your own tears.

The Color Purple (1985)

5. Saving Private Ryan

Perhaps the greatest war movie of all time, I just saw Saving Private Ryan for the day before the Fourth of July and I was BLOWN. AWAY! Steven Spielberg produced the most enthralling war scenes I had ever seen, providing a sense of a war that most films don’t provide. Nothing is glorified but you’ll most likely be horrified as the bloody scene of war transpires. And while the end is undeniably bittersweet it is a testament to the sacrifice of soldiers and the toll it takes to sometimes bring our soldiers home. What a powerful film.

Saving Private Ryan 001

Honorable Mentions: Because Steven Spielberg has made so many phenomenal films I had to highlight these movies: Close Encounters of the Third KindReady Player OneBridge of SpiesMinority ReportWar of the Worlds.


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