The Boys Season 2 Teaser Trailer and Poster

Also, Amazon unveils a suitably cool new season two WANTED poster!

With just under two months to go before fans can settle in for a night with ‘The Boys‘, Amazon has stoked the hype machine by releasing the official teaser trailer for season two alongside a suitably cool new WANTED poster. The stellar first season established a wealth of complex characters – and the gripping season finale left us with more questions than answers. But never fear, the teaser trailer for season two delivers a tantalizing taste of things to come and reveals a new superhero for Billy Butcher to scuffle with. Let’s check it out:

And if that isn’t enough to have you slipping into your super suit – check out the suitably cool new poster:

The Boys Season 2 Poster

Here’s the official line on season two:

In a more intense, more desperate Season 2 of THE BOYS, Butcher, Hughie, and the team reel from their losses in Season 1. On the run from the law, they struggle to fight back against the Superheroes. As Vought, the company that manages the heroes cashes in on the panic over the threat of Supervillains, and a new hero, Stormfront, shakes up the company and challenges an already unstable Homelander.

The second season will debut on Amazon Prime on September 4, 2020. The streamer has also confirmed that the series will launch with the first three episodes available from the outset – which is awesome news. Personally, I can’t wait for the new season to start and I am already looking forward to spending more time with Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher and company.  Bring on the madness!!


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