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Megan reports of the virtual fan-con heading our way this August

In light of the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) outbreak and pandemic, many conventions have either been outright canceled or moved online and held as virtual events. After several months of uncertainty, fans and attendees of the much-beloved Star Wars Celebration finally got their answer, it is indeed officially canceled until 2022. Speculation currently has it, that this two-year delay is not only to coincide with the convention’s traditional every other year model, but also to allow another convention, Disney’s D23, to share the same space (the Anaheim Convention Center), and that year’s spotlight.

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“Star Wars Celebration has always been a huge part of Star Wars fandom. Fans gather from all over the world to celebrate the Star Wars saga and meet up with new and old friends. We knew we could use technology to mimic that feel virtually”. – From the ForceFest press release

After checking with Lucasfilm that there would indeed be no official Celebration occurring virtually on or after the original time, the dates for this new event were set, August 28-30. As individuals, podcasters, content creators, and potential guests of all types are given a chance to sign up for this experience, an official schedule of events is expected to be announced at a later time.

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From its inception, it only continued to grow as they gained not just an official planning committee, but also the partnership of GetVokl, a video discussion platform. It is here where panelists will be able to virtually host their own discussions and interact with fans and others interested in their work across six individually linked “stages”, much like the in-person version. These six virtual stages will range in themes from Content Creators stage-where content creators of many types can discuss and demonstrate their works, a virtual Cantina Lounge stage-where fans, attendees and all others can meet and mingle with each other, a Interviews and Discussion stage-where various guests will, of course, be interviewed in an effort to learn more about their work, a Live-Action stage-where panelists can talk about all things Star Wars live-action, a Comic/Animation/Books stage-where all things related to these three topics can be hosted and discussed, and also Miscellaneous stage-where fans, attendees and all others can talk about miscellaneous topics that do not necessarily have to relate to Star Wars.


For those still wishing to participate and potentially host a panel of their own, the link can be found by clicking here. Be sure to do so soon as the deadline is August 1st. For anyone simply wishing to participate as a volunteer as a chat moderator, behind-the-scenes host, or Force Fest Projection Assistant please click here. Should you be willing, simply note that there will be a dry run of the GetVokl platform on some currently undetermined date to ensure a smooth run of everything from the first to the last day of this fan-run event.

Throughout the entire celebration, panelists and virtual attendees of all types will also have the opportunity to donate to the amazing charity that is the Make a Wish Foundation. For any questions, comments or to simply interact, ForceFest can be found on Instagram @forcefestsaga, on Twitter @ForceFestSaga or Facebook by searching for ForceFest. For the most up-to-date information regarding this special event, please continue following The Future of the Force.


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