September 28, 2023

Target reveals its Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge exclusive figures!

We had heard it some time ago but now it has finally been revealed – the Target exclusive figures from Galaxy’s Edge! It includes Black Series figures as well as 3.75 inch Vintage Collection figures! These are US exclusive figures but they will also be available via European online stores.

The Black Series:

  • Captain Cardinal. This one is a new figure, it’s a character that was featured in the Captain Phasma novel. It’s an easy one to do as it’s First Order stormtrooper with a red armor and cape! It will also be available at Galaxy’s Edge.
  • DJ R-3X. It is a repack from the Droid packs that is available at Galaxy’s Edge. So this gives a chance to collectors to get this figure without having another figure of R2-D2 and C-3PO. It will also be available at Galaxy’s Edge.
  • First Order Mountain Trooper. Images of the single carded figure hasn’t been revealed yet but it is a repack of the figure that was included in the Galaxy’s Edge First Order pack. It will also be available at Galaxy’s Edge.

All these Black Series figures are priced at $24.99.

The Vintage Collection

  • Smuggler’s Run Millenium Falcon. It’s not just any version of the ship but the BIG version that was released during the Legacy Collection! So this gives an opportunity for new collectors to get it except the price is much higher this time – $399.99. It comes with the Sequel trilogy radar dish and the Original Trilogy radar dish. Also included Chewbacca, 6 Porgs and the first 3.75 Vintage Collection Hondo Ohnaka figure. The figure will be sold separately later this year.

All these figures are starting to arrive in the US and should soon be on August 30th at your local Target.

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