Hot Toys is revealing a new set of figures at their Summer Showcase!

After a first look at several new figures, Hot Toys is revealing even more figures during their Summer Showcase! This is definitely a great news day for Hot Toys collectors!

 The world-class high-end collectible brand Hot Toys is delighted to present the latest masterpieces in this year’s Summer Showcase, offering an in-depth look of highly-accurate collectibles from the fan favorite movies, critically-acclaimed live-action series, and popular video games. Highlights include a number of finely crafted prototypes from Marvel, Star Wars, and DC Comics, and also the first exposure of Hot Toys COSBI line-up that will make its debut in no time.

Until now Hot Toys had been tight-lipped about it but we finally know which characters will be made from the upcoming Black Widow movie – Black Widow (White Suit) and Taskmaster!


Still on the Marvel front, they also revealed a Venomized Baby Groot and Spider-Man (Anti-Ock suit) from the PS4 video game!


As for Star Wars, we have another look at the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi from The Clone Wars that was teased in the first look of Anakin Skywalker and at Sideshow Con, along with a new Luke Skywalker (Hoth Rebel Pilot Outfit).


Hot Toys Summer Showcase 2020 also gives us an in-hand look at the figures revealed this morning, check the gallery below:

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