December 11, 2023
First Look | Batman: The New Batman Adventures MAFEX

The animated Dark Knight will soon be joining Medicom’s MAFEX collection

You’ve got to hand it to Medicom. Over the past few years, the toy giant has delivered some suitably cool Batman action figures. Whether your tastes run to Ben Affleck‘s Dark Knight or Christain Bale‘s iconic Caped Crusader, the MAFEX line has delivered them ALL – and now, Medicom is about to deliver the motherload.

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Today, full details and press images have been released for the upcoming MAFEX The New Batman Adventures – Batman 6″ Scale Figure. Kevin Conroy‘s iconic Dark Knight from the beloved animated series is arguably the definitive version of Gotham’s Caped Crusader ever committed to film – and now he’s coming to bolster the MAFEX line. Check out the cool image gallery below:

As you can see from the images, the figure will stand at 6.3″ tall. The set will include both a masked portrait, and an unmasked Bruce Wayne portrait, interchangeable hands, a plastic and a fabric cape, a grappling hook, and a batarang.

This incredible looking figure is expected to be priced at 8,800 Yen (about $82 USD) and is anticipated to hit shelves sometime in May 2021.

MAFEX TNBA Batman 003

Kudos Medicom. You’ve just delivered another home run.


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