Hot Toys Captain Marvel Deluxe Edition Review

Thomas checks out the deluxe Hot Toys Captain Marvel figure

After months of waiting, my Hot Toys Captain Marvel figure is finally here! Sideshow Collectibles started shipping at the end of May but because this figure is so popular there were A LOT of pre-orders so they received their stock in batches. Mine was part of last week’s batch so if you want one, don’t hesitate too much because I doubt there’ll be many left once all pre-orders have been shipped!

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The box is colorful and features a picture of the character behind her the Kree emblem which is also Captain Marvel symbol. It’s the same design of the box as the other Marvel figures, it’s the colors and symbols that are changing.

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This one is the deluxe version so it comes with extra accessories. When it comes to deluxe versions, Hot Toys doesn’t mess with its customers, they always include some pretty great additional stuff! For Captain Marvel, it includes Carol’s leather jacket, Goose the Cat, and extra power effects! Basic accessories include 7 interchangeable hands, a helmeted headsculpt, 4 power effect hands, 2 power effects bracelets, 2 arms power effects, 1 helmet hair sculpt power effect, one basic stand, and batteries. As usual, before unboxing the figure, always read the user guide!

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The Carol Danvers headsculpt is dope, it’s spot on Brie Larson, they captured her facial expression perfectly! The hair may be a bit too dark but it’s really a question of lighting. With Hot Toys, you’re never disappointed!

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The helmeted headsculpt is also awesome! It contains an LED light-up feature that lights up the eyes and if you put the hair sculpt power effect piece, it’ll also light it up. It gives you some pretty impressive results! Use the big batteries for the head and the small ones for the arms. Concerning the arms, if you have an Iron Man figure, use the screwdriver that comes with it, otherwise, you’re gonna have trouble removing the screws on the arms as they’re tiny. The LED light-up feature on the arms is also pretty cool, it gives the power effects accessory a beautiful glow. I was so impressed by the results!

The suit is pretty much accurate with a lot of detail. Even though the shoulder pads and knee pads are plastic, they don’t limit the articulation and actually move when you move the arms or legs. Also, don’t try to remove them, they’re not removable! As usual, Hot Toys figures have over 32 points of articulation so you can get the best out of it.


The leather jacket is a great additional accessory so you can recreate the final scene of the movie! Considering how the suit is, it’s difficult to put the jacket on but once it’s one, it looks awesome! It’s faux leather but as usual with Hot Toys, the results are beautiful! Goose is the fun factor in the deluxe version. It may not be articulated but it’s still nice to have him on that scale. The basic stand features the Captain Marvel logo with the movie title and a Carol Danvers nameplate. The stick of the stand is movable and high enough if you want it to hold the figure in-flight position.


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Final Thoughts:

A must-have, the deluxe version is the one to get!


The Hot Toys Captain Marvel Deluxe Edition figure is manufactured by Sideshow and is available to buy NOW!.


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