February 2, 2023
Star Wars Adventures Vol. 7: Pomp and Circumstance Review

Join Poe, Han, Luke, Leia, Chewie, and more as they take on the bad guys and outrun some serious goons in the next installment of Star Wars Adventures.

Join Chewie, Poe Dameron, BB-8, and Luke Skywalker in these adventures that span the Star Wars universe and the saga’s entire history. These young-reader friendly stories will appeal to Jedi everywhere, Master and Padawan alike!

Star Wars Adventures Vol. 7: Pomp and Circumstance | IDW Publishing

Star Wars Adventures Vol. 7: Pomp and Circumstance

Mind Your Manners

Leia and Luke travel to Sarkan to negotiate with its Queen to get crystals for their laser cannons. The Sarkans are sticklers for protocol and manners. Unfortunately, things go awry when it becomes clear the Queen’s top advisor favors the Empire over the Rebellion and is out to frame our heroes. It’s up to Leia, Luke, and the droids to uncover the man’s treachery and negotiate an agreement everyone can agree on.

“Mind Your Manners” by John Jackson Miller and illustrated by Jon Sommariva. John Jackson Miller is a long time Star Wars author of both Legends and canon books. The Rebels prequel, A New Dawn is among his many contributions to a galaxy far, far away. Jon Sommariva is an Australian comic book artist who has worked for Marvel, DC, IDW, and Darkhorse.

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Chewie’s Day Off

Set between Solo and A New Hope, Han suggests a grumpy Chewie take some time off during their latest heist. So Chewie visits a spa to unwind while Han closes the deal to see marked Sabaac cards, only for a bounty hunter with a grudge to chase them down.

“Chewie’s Day Off” is by John Barber and illustrated by Mauricet. John Barber is the former Senior Editor at IDW. He writes for their Transformers and Back to the Future comics. Mauricet is a Belgian comics author and artist. He currently works for DC as well as IDW.

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An Unlikely Friendship

While on a mission on a swamp planet, Poe and BB-8 are rescued by a young boy named Kori on his Walkabout to become a man. Kori helps them fend off the natives and return to Poe’s X-wing.

“An Unlikely Friendship” is by James Gilarte and illustrated by Mauricet. James Gilarte is an Australian webcomics author. This is his first foray into a galaxy far, far away.

Poe Dameron

All Aces Battle Royale

This is my first Star Wars: Resistance story.  The All Aces Battle Royale comes to the Colossus and it’s up to Kaz to intercept a transmission from First Order Twi’lek Spy, Marina Un’La’Na. Kaz works fast to find himself a ship that won’t get him recognized so he can intercept the transmission before it reaches the First Order.

“All Aces Battle Royale” is by Resistance writers Kevin Burke and Chris “Doc” Wyatt and illustrated by regular contributor Valentina Pinto.

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Sector 7-E

Another Resistance short story. After a lesson from Neeku on the station’s valve system, Kaz stumbles upon pirates stealing weapons. When BB-8 nearly gets fried by the pirates, it’s up to Kaz to remember what Neeku told him to save his droid friend. “Sector 7-E” is by the same team as the “All Aces Battle Royale”.

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Final Thoughts:

I wasn’t fond of this edition as a whole. I liked the “Chewie’s Day Off” one the best. But then again, I’m a Han fan, so that makes sense. I liked Gilare’s inclusion of Walkabout in his story. The cultures of this galaxy are heavily inspired by our own past, hence “a long time ago”, and it’s about time the Walkabout concept got some recognition outside of Australia and New Zealand. However, I’ve never seen Resistance, so those two stories I was a bit lost with. But I’m not the target audience anyway, so my opinion on that is a bit moot.

For those Younglings and Padawans that like fast-paced adventure stories, this is the anthology they’re looking for.

Star Wars Adventures Vol. 7: Pomp and Circumstance is published by IDW Publishing and is available to buy NOW!


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