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Max looks ahead to the characters of Justina Ireland’s ‘A Test Of Courage’

The High Republic is coming soon and with it, an interesting addition. The junior novel “A Test of Courage” introduces us to Avon Starros, an aspiring inventor and the ancestor of Han Solo’s infamous “wife” Sana Starros. While this in itself is cool; what really caught my interest is that Avon is an inventor, albeit an aspiring one. She is only 11 years old but perhaps she is a prodigy. The year her adventure takes place in 232 BBY and likely the galaxy is slightly less advanced 200 years before.

Star Wars The High Republic - A Test Of Courage

In Legends, nothing really progressed but one of the new things I like about canon is that we DO see technological advancements throughout the 3 trilogies. So, what is Avon working on? Is it something minuscule like “a way to make deflector shields burn off 25% more energy” or something groundbreaking like the invention of time travel. I’m sure it’s the former as this is only an 11-year human girl and not some middle-aged Bith or Columi scientist.

Star Wars Hyperdrive Generator

We see Inventions in the real world all the time. Usually advertised for $19.99 and that is almost always crummy and innocuous. Yet, Star Wars has billions of civilizations so the patent office must be a nightmare as many creative beings likely have ideas and many of them are all the same. I am really curious to see what Avon is attempting to do as it likely will be GFFA patent # 10,567,894,371,678,902.

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