'The Umbrella Academy' Season 2 Review

Darcie sinks her teeth into the second season of Netflix‘s stellar series

The Umbrella Academy is back! Season two released on Netflix last week and the question on everyone’s minds is: does season two live up to the hype of season? This season had a lot to live up to after all season one was an unexpected and unique triumph. I can confirm that Season two certainly lived up to my expectations, it manages to emulate the success of season one by building upon it to create a more compelling, emotive, and fun installment. So rarely do we get a strong second season, but The Umbrella Academy does not disappoint, I enjoyed every single moment of this season.

The Umbrella Academy: Season 2 | Netflix

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Season two picks up where season one finished – where the siblings decided to travel through time to stop the apocalypse. However, Five’s (Aidan Gallagher) time jumping goes a little wrong and they find themselves arriving in Dallas throughout the 1960s. Klaus (Robert Sheehan) with Ben (Justin H. Min) arrives first in February 1960, Alison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) arrives next in 1961 then Luther (Tom Hopper) arrives in 1962 before Diego (David Castañeda) and Vanya (Ellen Page) arrive in throughout 1963. By the time Five arrives the USA is at war with Russia, his siblings are taking part in the fight and the apocalypse is moments from happening. Five travels back a few days to stop these events from happing but is faced with the challenge of rounding up his family, who find themselves as leader of a cult, a civil rights activist, a mental patient, a boxing champion, and a farmhand respectively. Meanwhile, The Commission is still trying to control the timeline, with The Handler (Kate Walsh) hatching plans that will result in her in charge. The narrative is incredibly tight, with no unnecessary detours which is something second seasons fall privity to.

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The Umbrella Academy has one the most diverse and talented casts and this is showcased perfectly in season two. Sheehan’s Klaus is simply perfect in every way. His acting is just brilliant epically in the scenes where he has to interact with Ben when no one else can see him. Castañeda really left an impression on me this season he explores a different side to Diego, it’s great to see more of his softer side and I loved to see him take on a team leader style role this season.

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I loved seeing Raver-Lampman’s Alison tackle racial injustice whilst fighting for her family, she really is an incredibly inspirational female character. We also see her use ‘The Rumour’ powers which were both thrilling but scary. Gallagher is once again on point in the role of Five, his acting style is incredible, and he makes it so easy to love Five. Hopper’s Luther takes more of a back seat this season, we see more emotion from him, his acceptance of Vanya was unexpected but welcome. Page once again shines as Vanya, I loved seeing her take control of her powers, whilst delving into her personality and past. It was great to see more of Ben this season Min really got the opportunity to showcase who Ben really is and it was lovely to see him interact with the others. The supporting talent is just as talented newcomer Ritu Arya is perfect in her role as The Handlers Daughter Lila and I cannot wait to see her in future seasons. Yusuf Gatewood, Marin Ireland, Jordan Claire Robbins, Kevin Rakin, and Justin Paul Kelly were all great and there is scope to see them all again.

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Style is also a crucial part of The Umbrella Academy from the use of music, to the fun cinematography, to the use of costume and location and season two has it all! The 1960’s setting is a triumph and incredibly well done. It is always risky to use historical events in this type of genre but this season used the assassination of JFK perfectly. The use of music complements the on-screen action almost perfectly every time and at times which heightens the emotion, fun and adds even more depth to the characters. The change in environment adds new layers to each of the characters, due to new situations, plus the sets and locations used look incredibly authentic and add a level of realism. The costumes embrace the 1960s period perfectly, whilst keeping each character’s personality in mind, for example, Klaus is just as flamboyant and Vanya still manages to wear clothes that allow her to fade into the background.

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Overall Season two of The Umbrella Academy is just perfect. I loved every moment, it’s fair to say that I am obsessed with everything about this show. The talent of the crew and cast shines through in every single scene and I cannot wait to see what they all do next. Especially because we are left with serval questions such as: Who are the Sparrow Academy? What happened to Ben in the new timeline? What’s next for the Commission? And even what happened to Harlan? Let’s hope season 3 happens and we get some much-needed answers.

Final Thoughts:

This show is truly is unique and weird and perfect in absolutely every way!


The Umbrella Academy is streaming on Netflix NOW!


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