Star Wars Hasbro Black Series Plo Koon Review

Thomas checks out Hasbro‘s hotly-anticipated Jedi Master

Hasbro’s latest wave is dedicated to Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and it was about time Prequels got a full-wave, collectors have been waiting for this! Plo Koon is another Jedi getting his debut in the Black Series line and it’s one not to miss!


This figure suffers the same flaws as Kit Fisto when it comes to the lightsaber – correct lightsaber but incorrect colors as it’s just a repack from General Grievous‘ lightsaber and there is no way to attach it to the belt despite the included hole.


However, a big improvement over Fisto’s lack of accessories – soft good cape for Plo Koon! This Jedi has always been seen in the movies with a Jedi robe so it was absolutely necessary that Hasbro gave him one and they did! It’s the right cape which is quite specific to Plo Koon. You can see many pictures from collectors of the figure without the cape but there’s something you need to know about it. The cape is sewed from one tip to the other so if you remove it you have to unsew it and won’t be able to put it back correctly unless you have sewing skills.


Plo Koon is one of my favorite Jedi so I can tell you how happy I am with this figure, it’s pure beauty! They nailed it with the headsculpt and like Kit Fisto, they gave him a hand that has a specific position instead of two basic holding weapons hands. As for the Jedi outfit that is under the robes, it’s good.

This figure has 19 points of articulation, I really like the improved head articulation on this one, it allows better movement.

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Final Thoughts

Another Jedi to add to the collection, so a must-have!


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