December 10, 2022
TENET Behind The Scenes

Director Christopher Nolan and John David Washington share an exclusive behind the scenes look on TENET

Just hours after Christopher Nolan’s cerebral blockbuster TENET was unleashed in multiplexes around the world, Warner Bros. has unveiled a glorious behind-the-scenes look at the movie. Director Christopher Nolan and John David Washington are on hand to guide us through the world of TENET and the dynamics of ‘inversion’. Check it out:

Christopher Nolan movies aren’t just movies – they’re cinematic events. The visionary director has made a career out of pushing the boundaries of modern cinema and producing breathtaking spectacles for us to feast our eyes on. TENET is not your average run of the mill fare, this is another bold and breathtaking step forward for cinema. A mindblowing and welcome adrenaline shot of originality that only Nolan in his brilliance can deliver. If you missed my detailed non-spoiler review, you can catch it here.

TENET is playing in cinemas NOW!


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