December 9, 2022
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Should Zack Snyder‘s version of the Justice League be released in installments?

The #SnyderCut was one of the most anticipated panels of the virtual comic con, DC FanDome, and yeah, the trailer was pretty exciting as it conveyed new footage that we’ve never seen before and gave us a look at a film that’s a lot more tonally connected to Batman vs. Superman than the original Justice League ever was. However, shortly after the trailer was released, it became official knowledge that the #SnyderCut would arrive via HBO Max in four one-hour installments and I’m not happy about it.

I get it. HBO Max is using the extended edition of Justice League as a vehicle to drive subscribers to the streaming service over four weeks but let’s be honest here. The #SnyderCut is still going to essentially be the Justice League movie. Yeah, it’ll be better than what we got but it’s not going to be greater than The Avengers and there’s proven fact for my assumption. Just look at Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Its theatrical and extended editions are still nowhere near as good as the movie it can be closely compared to; Captain America: Civil War. And I’ve been one of those people who have watched the extended edition of Batman vs. Superman quite a few times.

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The #SnyderCut is still going to have its flaws, its characters are still going to be nowhere near as engaging as The Avengers, and by its conclusion, you can bet there will be people who find the story just as annoying as the original version. I’m not saying I’m not excited because I am. I thought Justice League was an underwhelming film and any change will help the film big-time but I’m going to wait for all four installments to become available before diving into the new and improved Justice League because it’s honestly not worth the weekly wait between episodes of a film I’ve already seen!


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