August 20, 2022

Thomas checks into Black Spire Outpost to review Hasbro’s awesome new DJ R-3X action figure

Hasbro is finally releasing its Galaxy’s Edge line of Black Series figures! The US is getting them at Target while Europe is getting them through a shared exclusive. So far here in Europe, we are getting Captain Cardinal, DJ R-3X, the First Order Mountain Trooper, and Hondo Ohnaka.


DJ R-3X can be found at Oga’s cantina at Galaxy’s Edge. He is the same type of droid previously seen in Star Wars Rebels. It’s a pretty cool design. I love the color scheme on it. The orange gives him a Resistance vibe. He has good paint apps, they even gave him a nice weathering effect here and there!


This figure is a repack from the Droid pack that is exclusively available at Galaxy’s Edge. I was actually quite surprised to see how articulated he is – the arms, the head, the neck, the whole body is articulated! I counted 15 points of articulation, it’s a lot for a figure like this!

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Although it’s a pretty cool figure, I think £22.99 for a droid is a bit much!


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