August 19, 2022
Being a 'Star Wars' Fan: A Quick Self-Analysis

Max explores the sci-fi elements of Star Wars canon

We all love sci-fi. This site is built on sci-fi. Why do we love sci-fi? It’s because it feeds our imaginations and allows us to create things that are much more exciting than real life. Reality is as Thanos said “disappointing” and for most people sci fi is an entertaining release into a better and more engaging world.

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The citizens of the Star Wars galaxy are very similar to people here on Earth, so, naturally, they would think of things that are not possible. Like how we delve into our imaginations for ideas of what could be; it’s completely illogical to think that they would not do the same. Yet, what can sci-fi create in a world where most of speculative science is realized? Star Wars Legends spans a material of almost 40 years and throughout the years; many, MANY things have appeared in stories. It would seem nothing is impossible in Star Wars.

Being a 'Star Wars' Fan: A Quick Self-Analysis

Yet there are a few outliers. Browsing Wookieepedia, I have read that time travel while possible, is incredibly rare in Star Wars and usually only occurs through strange accidents in science and magic. In Canon, it is also impossible to intentionally travel through time (at least through technological means). So it would stand to say that time travel holo-shows might be very popular with people in a GFFA.

In Legends, in one of the MedStar books, the sci-fi genre is mentioned and it is referred to as a future-fic. One of the aspects of a future fic involves gadgets that could instantaneously assemble a meal from basic ingredients. Huh? That doesn’t seem too much of a stress for Star Wars and it would easily appear that Food synthesizers…. do this. This may be lazy writing and not what sci-fi is about. Conan Antonio Motti once mocked a scientist about the Rakatan Empire, dismissing it as sci-fi but if he picked up a history holo-book, he’d learn how wrong he is.

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So what truly is sci-fi and speculative in a speculative world. Canon has never broached this subject yet, but Rogue One Catalyst implied they do have fiction material but it seems to be more fantasy-based than sci-fi technological. Jyn Erso liked the story of the Octave Stairway and to me, it sounded like the rainbow staircase in the Secrets of Droon series and that is certainly fantasy, not sci-fi. Maybe in Canon, the young people of a GFFA entertain themselves with tales of the Jedi performing amazing feats that even science cannot achieve. Yet this isn’t enough to satisfy me. I still think there is sci-fi in sci-fi; it’s just so alien to our minds that we can’t imagine it.

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It isn’t spoken about because mainly, Star Wars stories involve characters who are very serious about war and politics. There are sci-fi nerds though; they just aren’t mentioned.

What do you think is sci-fi in Star Wars?


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