February 7, 2023
DCEU | The Flash Movie is 'Absolutely Confirmed' Says Ezra Miller

What elements will Andy Muschietti‘s ‘Flashpoint’ adaptation bring to the DC Universe?

I’m not that excited about The Flash. I haven’t been intrigued about the hero’s standalone film ever since I saw Ezra Miller’s rendition of the character, but I must admit, the latest updates about the movie’s plot and fun twists could be something worth witnessing on the big screen. One such surprise (well, it isn’t a surprise anymore now is it?) was the announcement that both Michael Keaton (😱) and Ben Affleck (😯) would reprise their roles as Batman in this upcoming Flash flick, considering that The Flash will be going through time and the multiverse…I guess.

Batman Returns 001

The thought is astounding and could be fun but…why would we get this information? I don’t trust the DCEU that much yet to provide me fun films over and over again and the fact that we know Keaton and Affleck is going to be in this movie isn’t a great sign.

Remember when we got that jaw-dropping reveal that Wonder Woman was going to be in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice due to the trailer? Yeah, she had a small but awesome role in the film but even seeing her take on Doomsday couldn’t save the movie. And remember when we got that peek at Dark Rey in The Rise of Skywalker trailer only for her to end up being nothing more than a cameo? (😒) Well…yeah, it’s nice to hear that Keaton and Affleck are in this movie but I would have rather let that be a nice surprise.

The Batman | Appraising Ben Affleck's Tenure as the Dark Knight

Now that we know they are going to be in the film will I be satisfied if we merely glimpse these heroes for a second? And is this divulging in information a diversion from the real truth at hand which is that The Flash is probably going to be an underwhelming movie with a lackluster plot that will leave viewers less-than-pleased. Of course, I hope I’m very wrong but my gut feeling is telling me otherwise.

(Oh, and by the way, are we getting Michael Keaton as our first old Batman or will he be digitally de-aged…? I’m hoping he’s an older Batman because that would be fun and new.)


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