Star Wars Squadrons - Hunted Short

Max tales a closer look at the gloriously action-packed Star Wars Squadrons teaser

Recently, a very cool Standalone CGI mini-story promoting the upcoming game Star Wars: Squadrons was released by EA Star Wars. It tells the story of Varko Grey, an Imperial TIE Interceptor pilot who refuses to give up, even after the Empire has fallen. The short shows a space battle where the good guys are kicking the Imperials behind, and the Imperial commander orders everyone to retreat. Let’s take a look:

The graphics are not surprisingly, stunning, and I can’t wait to play this game. Anyway, Varko does not want to retreat but decides he has no choice and tries to get into the Star Destroyer before it makes the hyperspace jump. Suspense is well created for his struggle and unfortunately, the ship jumps and leaves him behind. Undaunted, he tries to shut off all power in order to not be seen and then uses his wits to pull a sneak attack and then fly down to the surface of a planet. Evading an X-Wing proves challenging and I can’t help but marvel at the spaceships of Star Wars. How they easily shift from space to atmosphere amazes me.

Star Wars Squadrons Star Destroyer Attack

The TIE briefly heated up upon re-entry but quickly cooled down as their advanced tech does its job. This game does not need Hunted to sell itself, but it just makes me even more excited about how much effort they are putting into this game. At almost 7 minutes; it’s a lot longer than I expected and the narrative was well written. I was also delighted to see Varko was designed as a man of Asian descent. Diversity is always important in Star Wars and I hope Varko becomes a well-fleshed out character. With less than a month to go till Squadrons; this was the perfect thing to get me going on a Monday morning.


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